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Foot Bone or Joint Injury

Foot Pain Chart

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Last updated: 08/02/2023


by James McCormack

Foot pain can be debilitating, and several conditions can cause pain in certain aspects of the foot. This article provides a comprehensive Foot Pain Chart for all sides of the foot and links to more in-depth articles on the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment for each condition.

Foot Pain Chart – Outer foot

Back of the Heel: Mid-Portion Achilles Tendonitis, Achilles Paratenonitis, Plantaris Tendonitis, Sever’s Disease, Posterior Ankle Impingement, Insertional Achilles Tendonitis

On the Heel: Peroneal Tendonitis, Longitudinal Tear of the Peroneal Tendon, Lateral Ligament Sprain, Sural Nerve Entrapment, Subtalar Joint Arthritis, Lateral Malleolus Fracture

Midfoot: Sinus Tarsi Syndrome, Bifurcate Ligament Sprain, Tarsal Coalition, Cuboid Syndrome, Cuboid Fracture, Os peroneum

Forefoot: 5th Metatarsal Fracture, Peroneal Enthesopathy, Tailor’s Bunion

Foot Pain Chart - Outer Foot Pain

Foot Pain Chart – Top of the foot

Close to the ankle: High Ankle Sprain, Anterior Ankle Impingement, Osteochondral lesion to the talus, Talus Fracture, Anterior Tibial Tendonitis.

Midfoot: Cuneiform Fracture, Second Metatarsal Fracture, Foot Extensor Tendonitis, Superficial Peroneal Nerve Entrapment

Forefoot: Gout, Bunion Pain, Morton’s Neuroma, Hammer Toe, Mallet Toe

Foot Pain Chart - Top of Foot Pain Diagram

Foot Pain Chart – Bottom of the foot

On the Heel: Fat Pad Atrophy, Spring Ligament Injury, Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar Fascia Tear

Midfoot: Peroneal Longus Tendonitis, Lisfranc Injury

Forefoot: FHL Tendonitis, Metatarsalgia, Capsulitis of the second toe, Plantar Plate Tear, Freiburg’s Disease, Sesamoiditis

Foot Pain Chart - Bottom of Foot Pain Diagram


Foot Pain Chart – Inner foot

On the Heel: Medial Malleolus Fracture, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, FHL Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Baxter’s Nerve Entrapment, Calcaneus Stress Fracture, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Deltoid Ligament Sprain, Medial Malleolus Bursitis

Midfoot: Accessory Navicular Syndrome, Navicular Fracture, Kohler’s Disease, Mid-Portion Plantar Fasciitis, Midfoot Arthritis

Forefoot: Bunion Pain, Gout, Turf Toe, Hallux Rigidus, Tennis Toe, Skiers Toe

Foot Pain Chart - Inner Foot Pain Diagram

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