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Mueller-Weiss Syndrome

Mueller-Weisse Syndrome is the spontaneous osteonecrosis of the navicular bone that causes pain in the midfoot and surrounding tarsal bones….

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Hammer Toe Treatment

A Hammer Toe is a condition that causes restriction of the joint capsule, most commonly seen in the second toe….

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Turf Toe Taping

Turf Toe is an irritation or sprain of the ligaments of the big toe that results from hyperextension. Turf Toe…

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Ballerina Feet

Ballerinas put enormous amounts of force and stress through their feet, resulting in several overuse and trauma injuries. Some of…

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My Feet Hurt When I Wake Up and Walk

Several conditions can cause foot pain when you wake up in the morning, but each condition has a slightly different…

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Shoes for Hammer Toes

A Hammer Toe is a very common condition that affects our second toe, most often leading to the clawing of…

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How to prevent Hammer Toe

A Hammer toe results in a change of position of the PIP joint of the toe; this most commonly occurs…

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Foot Bones

How many bones are in the foot? There are 26 bones in the foot and 33 joints in the foot….

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Foot Pain Chart

Foot pain can be debilitating, and several conditions can cause pain in certain aspects of the foot. This article provides…

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