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About James McCormack

James McCormack

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

James is a highly experienced clinician who takes great pride and satisfaction in helping people ease their pain and improve their lifestyles. He has vast experience in developing and enhancing Physiotherapy services for the general public in private practice. He has substantial experience working within professional sporting environments.

Clinical Specialties:

James specialises in treating knee, foot and ankle injuries, although he is more confident in seeing injuries of any part of the body. He combines his biomechanical knowledge to address the underlying causes of injury. He takes pride in treating new injuries and helping those struggling to make progress in their rehabilitation. His easy-going personality facilitates a fantastic client-therapist relationship.

James has extensive experience in facilitating expert post-operative rehabilitation, where he will work alongside your consultant to ensure the highest level of patient care.


Outside of work, James is a sports enthusiast. If he’s not attending or watching some sport, he is training for his latest cycling or running event.