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Knee Bone or Joint Injury

Knee Pain Location Chart

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Last updated: 29/11/2022


by James McCormack

Knee pain can be from many different causes. There are some patterns in terms of the location of pain that can provide useful information to narrow down the possible or likely cause of the pain. Here we will describe to you the most common injuries of the knee and their pain location using a pain location chart for different aspects of the knee.

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Anterior Knee Pain Location Chart

photo of anterior knee pain location chart

Posterior Knee Pain Location Chart

photo of posterior knee pain location chart


Medial Knee Pain Location Chart

photo of medial knee pain location chart

Lateral Knee Pain Location Chart

photo of lateral knee pain location chart

  • Above the knee joint line: pain on the outside of the knee can be related to iliotibial band pain syndrome, and this is felt above the joint line into the outer side of the thigh, but can sometimes continue along the outside of the knee to just below the joint line.
  • At the knee joint line: injury to the lateral meniscus or lateral collateral ligament will be felt along the joint line of the knee.
  • Below the knee joint line: a calf injury can be felt on the outside of the knee, but located to the back and below the joint line.
  • Quadriceps tendinopathy can sometimes be described as being on the outside of the knee but is usually more focused at the front of the knee at the superior pole of the patella.


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