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Best Shin Splint Brace, Compression Sleeves & Insoles

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Last updated: 10/09/2023


by James McCormack

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Shin Splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is a complicated injury requiring a multi-faceted treatment approach to achieve a successful outcome. Some of the most effective forms of treatment for Shin Splints include insoles which work as a method of pain relief and help address the cause of the injury. At the same time, Shin Splints Braces and Shin Splints Compression Sleeves have recently been proven effective as a form of pain relief from Shin Splints while exercising.

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This article will provide recommendations on the best insoles, braces and compression sleeves for Shin Splints.

Best Insoles For Shin Splints

The best insoles for shin splints should have a moderate arch height with a deep heel cup and a semi-rigid shell so that it does not collapse when walking or running. A deep heel cup helps to control the subtalar joint of the ankle, which plays a significant role in pronation and supination moments in the foot and ankle. The semi-rigid sole helps control the pronation moments associated with shin splints. We recommend full-length insoles where possible as this reduces the risk of movement and blistering, while sulcus length insoles are suitable for shoes with a narrow toebox. We have provided some recommendations below.

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Best Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints and Shin Splint Braces

Compression sleeves are a lighter version of a brace but work well for day-to-day use or running. A ribbed compression sock allows it to work with your calf’s contour and be a snug fit without cutting off the blood supply. A study by Peterson et al., 2022 concluded that compression garments such as a compression sock or brace reduce pain levels significantly when running in military recruits. The best compression sleeves for shin splints should be ribbed with multiple size options that finish below your knee and above your ankle.

Insoles for Shin Splints

We recommend Dr Scholl’s Perforance Insoles for Shin Splints as their gel soles are extremely cushioned to absorb the vibration from the ground that irritates Shin Splints.

These insoles have a semi-rigid shell to help control the motion of the foot to reduce pronation forces that causes Shin Splints.

We particularly like the amount of sizing options as the sizing accuracy influences where the insoles’ contours begin and end where usually off-the-shelf insoles offer 3-4 size options that you cut; Dr Scholl’s Performance insoles offer nearly every size.

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Best Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

We recommend the Copperfit Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints as their ribbed style makes an excellent fit that is tight enough for pain relief without cutting off the blood supply.

They have a non-slip surface, come in various shapes and sizes, and survive multiple washes.

The Copperfit compression sleeves are an excellent solution for mild to moderate symptoms of Shin Splints.

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Best Shin Splint Brace

We recommend the Vive Brace for Shin Splints as it is durable and adjustable to accommodate severe symptoms of Shin SPlints that cannot tolerate high levels of compression.

As your symptoms improve, you can then alter the level of compression. We love that while it is very supportive, it is pretty lightweight.

We recommend the Vive Brace for pain relief from severe symptoms of Shin Splints.

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