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Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome

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by James McCormack

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Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome, which is also known as Burning Feet Syndrome, causes a burning feeling, heaviness and hypersensitivity in the lowers limbs. The condition was identified by Coluther Gopalan and J. Grierson with the first detailed description in 1946. Our article will highlight the main symptoms, causes and diagnosis of Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome and explain the best treatment methods for this condition. 

Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome Symptoms

The symptoms of Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome include a burning sensation in the foot alongside a general discomfort and heaviness that may extend to the ankle and lower leg. Patients often find the symptoms of Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome are worse at night and better first thing in the morning.

It is not uncommon for a visual change in the colour of the skin on the affected foot, and the foot may be warm to the touch. As the symptoms progress, they may alter between pins and needles to complete numbness in parts of the foot.

Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome Causes

There are several potential causes of Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome.

These include:

Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome Diagnosis

Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome is difficult to diagnose with certainty in a clinical environment. Clinicians can identify a group of symptoms that can identify the likelihood of having Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome, including testing reflexes and identifying signs of infection.

Following this, a referral for blood tests is recommended alongside nerve function tests.

Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome Treatment

Home treatment for Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome includes regularly soaking your feet for up to 15 minutes in cool water. Keep your feet as cool as possible and elevated when you can. Wear open shoes and cotton socks to keep your feet cool and reduce sweating. Consider speaking to your local pharmacist for topical anti-inflammatory or cooling gels alongside some non-steroidal medication such as ibuprofen.

Depending on the cause of your Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome, Physical Therapy can be beneficial to address muscular or gait imbalances that can lead to conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome or Baxter’s Nerve Entrapments.

Custom orthotics can offload affected nerves and optimise one’s gait to relieve pain and address the cause of your burning feet.

If a metabolic condition causes your Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome, it is best to consult your GP for guidance on treatment.

Physiotherapy with James McCormack

This is not medical advice. We recommend a consultation with a medical professional such as James McCormack. He offers Online Physiotherapy Appointments.

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