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Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

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Posted 2 weeks ago


by James McCormack

While having Flat Feet does not guarantee that you will experience pain in the future, some people find that their feet fatigue, leading to a dull ache underfoot or in the foot’s arch. 

Fallen arches can develop as we get older due to muscular weakness or previous injury, and this is known as an Adult acquired flat foot, while some people are born with flat feet. 

Flat feet are often associated with poor balance, strength, and stability, so finding the best running shoes for Flat Feet is imperative. 

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Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

The best running shoes for Flat Feet have medial arch support, stable cushioning and a supportive heel cup.

Medial arch support refers to extra support along the inner aspect of the foot to help control the excess pronation moments associated with flat feet. Stable cushioning is firm but absorbs impact to control the foot’s motion through the running cycle, whereas plush cushioning can facilitate excess foot movement. A supportive heel cup cradles the heel bone to support the rear foot on heel strike when running. 

Hoka Gaviota Running Shoes

We recommend the Gaviota Hoka Running Shoes for Flat Feet as they are a maximum support running shoe due to their J-Frame midsole, Durabrasion Rubber and Late-Stage Meta-Rocker.

The J-Frame is unique to Hoka, helping to control pronation moments, and the Durabrasion Rubber which you will notice by the two tones in the midsole provide durability and shock absorption.

The CMVA sole provides cushioning without the added weight that you would expect and the Meta-Rocker facilitates a smooth push of phase when running.

In our opinion, the Hoka Gaviota is one of the best lightweight, low profile Flat Feet Running shoes.

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Asics Gel-Kayano 30 Running Shoes

We recommend the Asics Gel-Kayano 30 Running Shoes for Flat Feet as they are the most supportive model of Asics Running Shoes. The AHAR rubber, FlyteFoam and Blast Plus Eco, and 4D Guidance System are in the sole, providing a smooth ride.

The Gel Kayano have a 10mm heel drop compared to the 4mm drop of the Gaviota and a deeper heel cup to help control the ankle joint during the contact phase of running.

The AHAR rubber is highly durable, facilitating plenty of running, while the FlyteFoam and Blast Plus Eco provide ample cushioning.

Finally, the 4D Guidance System has replaced the previous LiteTruss technology to help control excess pronation forces associated with flat-foot runners.

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Nike Structure 24 Running Shoes

We recommend the Nike Structure 24 Running Shoes for Flat Feet due to its firm, supportive sole, prominent medial arch and forefoot rocker.

The Structure 24 works well for those with flat feet who like a stable ride on everyday runs.

If you have a flexible flat foot, you will enjoy the medial arch support that helps to control pronation forces, and the durable sole will last considerably longer than most trainers.

The forefoot rocker is flexible but helps with the push-off phase when running.

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Physiotherapy with James McCormack

This is not medical advice. We recommend consulting with a medical professional such as James McCormack if you have uncomfortable flat feet. He offers Online Physiotherapy Appointments weekly.

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