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Lace Up Ankle Brace

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Last updated: 03/12/2022


by James McCormack

James McCormack is a Physical Therapist who specializes in foot & ankle injuries. james-mccormack.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

Ankle Lace Up Brace

A lace-up ankle brace is an excellent solution for an unstable ankle, repetitive ankle sprains, or a preventative measure when playing sport. A lace up ankle brace is one of the most popular forms of ankle braces as it is robust, doesn’t loosen with activity and easily tightens around different shaped ankles.

We recommend lace up braces for our patients who play change of direction sports such as basketball, football and tennis. While it is helpful for sports such as running, some people find it too obtrusive.

Best Lace Up Ankle Braces

The best type of lace up ankle brace should have a speed lace up system and figure 8 strapping to allow the correct positioning of the ankle joint within the brace. This helps to tilt the subtalar joint into the optimal position to shorten painful tendons or ligaments. There should be an element of cushioning so the brace does not cut into the skin when running or changing direction.

In this article, we have listed our three favourite lace up ankle braces that we recommend to our patients.

Mcdavid Lace Up Ankle Brace

  • The Mcdavid lace up ankle brace is a light brace with bars along the side to reduce the ankle’s inversion and eversion.
  • It is a slimmer fit than most as it does not have additional strapping
  • We recommend these to patients who need light ankle support
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Zenith Lace Up Ankle Brace

  • One of our favourite things about the Zenith Lace Up Ankle brace is the positioning of their strapping. It allows you to place the ankle in neutral, eversion or inversion, depending on what part of the ankle you are trying to protect.
  • Off all the lace up braces, we recommend the Zenith Lace up brace for running.
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Mueller Lace Up Ankle Brace

  • The Mueller Lace-up ankle brace is our most recommended ankle brace. It has well-placed straps, solid and robust laces, cushioning, and is durable.
  • Mueller is a reliable and well-respected brand, and we have found this brace provides excellent support for all activities and ankle conditions.
  • The figure 8 strapping allows you to lock the ankle into any position required, and the speedy lace-up system is perfect for sport.
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Physiotherapy with James McCormack

This is not medical advice. We recommend a consultation with a medical professional such as James McCormack. He offers Online Physiotherapy Appointments for £45.

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