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Capsulitis of the Second Toe: Advice

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Last updated: 04/12/2022


by James McCormack

Does Capsulitis of the Second Toe go away?

It is possible to cure Capsulitis of the Second Toe through home treatment and Physical Therapy to make it go away. We recommend icing, offloading, cushioned trainers and anti-inflammatories in acute phases. Physical Therapy consists of strengthening exercises for the foot, and stretches of the foot and ankle can help resolve the condition.

How Long does it for Capsulitis of the Second Toe to heal?

In acute phases of Capsulitis of the Second Toe, it can take 4-6 weeks for it to heal. In contrast, chronic episodes of Capsulitis of the Second Toe can take up to 3 months to heal under the guidance of a Physical Therapist or a Podiatrist. A cortisone injection may be required in cases that don’t show improvement.

How do I fix my second toe Capsulitis?

Physical Therapy or Podiatry can help you to fix your second toe capsulitis through advice on footwear, exercises, lifestyle management, insoles and, in some cases, an injection. If your symptoms are acute, try out recommended home treatment, and if that does not resolve your symptoms, then we recommend seeing a medical specialist as soon as possible.

Can you walk with Capsulitis of the Second Toe?

Yes, you can continue to walk on Capsulitis of the Second Toe as pain allows. We recommend short, frequent walks of up to 20 minutes in cushioned, wide-fitting trainers to reduce the pressure placed on the forefoot. We recommend avoiding long walks, especially on uneven or undulating surfaces.

Can you run with Capsulitis of the Second Toe?

You should stop running if you have Capsulitis of the Second Toe, which is painful when running, especially if the pain becomes more significant as you run further. If you have no pain when running or mild pain afterwards that subsides within 24 hours, then running with a cushioned trainer can be okay. Still, we recommend consulting your Physical Therapist before doing so.

Can you exercise with Capsulitis?

Yes, you can swim and cycle with Capsulitis of the toe. Swimming is a non-impact exercise that puts minimal to no force through the capsule of your second toe, so it is highly unlikely to aggravate your symptoms. When cycling, use cleats, stay in the saddle and cycle on flat surfaces to minimise the force on the forefoot.

Can flip flops cause Capsulitis?

Flip-flops have less support than most trainers, and we often see patients swapping trainers for flip-flops when the weather improves, or they go on holiday. The reduced support and lack of cushioning can overload the forefoot and cause Capsulitis of the second toe. Still, there is no definitive evidence that we are aware of indicating that flip flops directly cause capsulitis.

Are toe separators suitable for Capsulitis?

A bunion can cause Capsulitis of the second toe significantly if it overlaps the second toe. Toe separators are commonly used to relieve pain from conditions such as bunions and Morton’s Neuroma. Still, there is no evidence to suggest they are effective at providing relief to Capsulitis, nor is there any evidence to suggest they fix Capsulitis of the second toe.

Does a walking boot help capsulitis?

A walking boot does help Capsulitis by offloading the forefoot and reducing inflammation in the joint. In severe cases of Capsulitis, your therapist may recommend using a walking boot if regular conservative treatment is unsuccessful.

Can orthotics help Capsulitis?

Orthotics are a very effective form of treatment for Capsulitis, especially for Capsulitis of the second toe. A foot specialist, Physical Therapist or Podiatrist are two health professionals who make orthotics for Capsulitis of the second toe. Numerous modifications can be made to an orthotic to help Capsulitis, the most common being a second metatarsal cut-out.

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