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Last updated: 03/07/2023


by James McCormack

A bunion results from a change of position of the big toe joint where it deviates away from the midline and towards the 2nd to 5th toes. As the big toe joint progressively changes position, it can become painful, rubbing off the side of your shoes and causing a breakdown of the skin around the toe. Bunion Pads provide cushioning to the big toe’s joint for extra comfort and pain relief.

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Best Bunion Pads

Light Bunion Pad

We recommend Dr. Scholls Bunion Pads due to their thin cushioning that is flexible and water and sweat-resistant.

The flexibility is helpful as the skin creases as your toe moves, ensuring the pad does not come loose while the gel cushion doesn’t break down.

Feet can get hot and sweaty in the summer, so once the skin is clean and dry on application, these bunion pads will stay stuck all day.

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Best Bunion Pad

We recommend the PediDoc Bunion corrector with a bunion pad due to their non-slip material, toe corrector and bunion pad gel cushioning.

The non-slip material means the correction stays in place regardless of your activity, while the toe corrector helps reduce pain.

The bunion pad is a gel cushion to reduce friction and provide extra comfort to your bunion.

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