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Basketball Ankle Braces

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Last updated: 03/12/2022


by James McCormack

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Basketball Ankle Braces

Ankle sprains are the most common type of injury in Basketball, with an inversion low ankle sprain the most common. Severe inversion ankle sprains may result in a high ankle sprain, affecting the ligaments on the front of the ankle joint. A study by Dewar et al., 2019 reviewed three different types of ankle braces and found little significant difference in their effectiveness. Still, all three effectively reduced the risk of ankle sprains in basketball.

Another study by McGuine et al., 2011 on the effect of lace-up ankle braces on injury rates in high school basketball found that they did not reduce the severity of injuries. Still, they did reduce the incidence of ankle injuries. These two studies highlight the benefits of Basketball ankle braces in reducing ankle injuries.

What are the best ankle braces for Basketball?

A basketball ankle brace should have a lace-up front with eight straps to fix the ankle into the desired position for stability. The laces prevent the ankle brace from loosening while you play, while the figure 8 strap is more stable than a figure 6 lock. Stirrups along the side help lock the subtalar joint, which is helpful for chronic ankle sprains.

We have created a list of our three most recommended Basketball Ankle Braces below.


McDavid Level 3 Basketball Ankle Brace

  • Comfortable Padded Line on Enclosures
  • Breathable Tongue
  • Easy lace-up
  • Two separate straps for locking the ankle
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ASO Basketball Ankle Brace

  • Easy Lace-Up System
  • Extra ankle stirrups for added stability
  • Medical Grade Support
  • Six different sizes
  • Elasticated top cover for hiding straps and easy alteration of support levels
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Zamst A2-DX Basketball Ankle Brace

  • i-Fit technology makes it the most comfortable brace we have come across
  • Plastic side braces with plantar support for extra protection from sprains
  • Their x-straps work as well as a figure 8 strap

Comment from James: This is our go-to brace for anyone who plays Basketball but struggles with ankle sprains.

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Should I wear an ankle brace for Basketball?

There is evidence that lace-up ankle braces reduce the risk of a sprained ankle when playing basketball; however, a debate is that wearing an ankle brace can weaken your ankle muscles as the brace does all the work for the ankle. There is no evidence to support this, but from a clinical perspective, this is reasonable.

We suggest doing balance and stability exercises for your ankle if you play basketball and wearing an ankle brace if you have a history of ankle sprains.

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