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Last updated: 04/08/2023


by James McCormack

Bunions are caused by the deviation of the big toe inwards and the deviation of the knuckle of the big toe outwards. There is a genetic element to who gets bunions, but poor, tight-fitting footwear can contribute to the development of this change in foot shape. As the forefoot widens, you can experience rubbing and compression against the inside of shoes, and as the arch flattens, you may experience pain under your foot. Finding the right fitting, supportive and well-cushioned footwear can make a big difference to your levels of comfort and can support the efficient biomechanics of your foot through each stride. 

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Best Skechers for Bunions

The best Skechers shoes for bunions will have a spacious toe box to prevent pinching the toes together and rubbing the side of the big toe. And they will have good cushioning and a low heel to toe drop to reduce the impact of each stride through the big toe joint. With our experience of treating bunions, we recommend the best Skechers for bunions are the Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker, Skechers GO RUN Arch Fit Razor 4 and the Skechers GO RUN Max Road 6.

Best Skechers for Mild Bunions

We recommend the Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker for mild bunions. 

The Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker have the Skechers podiatrist-designed arch fit insole for support with a thick but light weight cushioning.

While the carbon fibre infused plate keeps stiffness through the sole to prevent excessive pressure through the big toe joint.

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Best Skechers for Moderate to Severe Bunions

We recommend the Skechers GO RUN Arch Fit Razor 4 for moderate bunions. 

The Skechers GO RUN Arch Fit Razor 4 have the Skechers HYPER BURST® PRO cushioning which is light weight and

They also have a very low heel to toe drop of only 4mm which keeps pressure off the forefoot and big

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