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Hip Muscle Injury

Hip Bursitis | Brace, Pillow, Shoes, Cushion and Icepack Recommendations

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Posted 7 months ago


by James McCormack

Bursitis Hip Brace

Odofit Hip Brace

When greater trochanteric hip bursitis develops it is common to have weakness in the gluteal muscle that stabilise the hip and the pelvis. Using a brace can provide additional stability a and support. For many people this can reduce their pain.

When selecting a brace it is important that the straps to not compress the bursa, as this can aggravate pain. This Odofit brace provides support with a clear area over the bursa to prevent compression and aggravation.

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Hip Bursitis Pillow

5 Stars United Knee Pillow

Hip bursitis is a painful condition. If the hip bursitis is affecting the bursa at the side of your hip, the greater trochanteric bursa, you might find you are unable to lie on your side. Lying on the affected side will put direct pressure on the bursa, and lying on the opposite side will stretch the tissue over your hip as your knees come together, and also cause pain.

Therefore, if you like to sleep on your side this can be a real problem and lead to poor sleep, which will negatively affect your recovery. This pillow solves that problem by providing a soft and comfortable wedge for you to keep between your knees. You can therefore lie on the unaffected hip, while ensuring it has no stretch or pressure over the bursa of your top leg.

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Best Shoes for Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis can have many contributing factors, that combine to develop the injury as well as cause the symptoms to persist. One biomechanical issue that can affect hip bursitis is poor stability at your feet. Consequentially your knees can fall in towards towards each other. This is often referred to as foot and ankle over-pronation, knee valgus, or adduction and internal rotation of the hip.

Shoes can help to provide greater support to your foot to prevent it rolling inwards which can impact the knee and the hip. These shoes are often referred to as stability shoes. In addition to stability, plush cushioning of the shoes can reduce pain with walking or running. Therefore we recommend stability trainers such as Asics Gel Kayanos (bottom) or Hoka Arahi (top).

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Best Seat Cushion for Hip Bursitis

Aylio Socket Seat Cushion

A good seat cushion can provide pain relief from hip bursitis affecting the ischiogluteal bursa. This bursa is directly over the boney prominence of the seat bone. Sitting on hard chairs or even padded chairs can be very painful and aggravate the condition.

This cushion is designed to spread your weight evenly over your buttocks with relief cutouts over the ischial tuberosity. Therefore the bursa does not get aggravated and you can sit for longer without pain.

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Best Icepack for Bursitis

The Revix Ice Pack

Using an ice pack for bursitis of the hip or any other area is an effective way to reduce pain. This is a great shaped re-freezable gel back with two straps to secure it around your pelvis and thigh. It is easy to put on and not overly awkward, so you can keep doing things with the pack on. As it contains a re-freezable gel you can use it over and over again, and as it is not as cold as ice you reduce your risk of ice burns.

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