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Best Bunion Corrector

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Last updated: 04/12/2022


by James McCormack

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Bunions are a condition dreaded by many due to the aesthetics of the condition. Some people are born with a bunion while others can slowly develop a bunion over time as a result of poor footwear, biomechanics, trauma or obesity. Some bunions are asymptomatic, while others cause pain when walking or standing, which can develop into an arthritic big toe joint. There are numerous treatment options and in this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of a bunion corrector.

What is a bunion corrector?

A bunion corrector is an apparatus that attaches to your forefoot with the aim of repositioning your big toe joint to its ‘natural’ position to provide pain relief by offloading the affected compartment of the big toe joint.

There are a vast array of bunion correctors; some have a gel pad between the 1st and second toes while others have a brace to pull the big toe back towards a central position.

Do Bunion correctors work?

Bunion Correctors are an effective form of pain relief from bunion pain in most cases as they offload the affected aspect of the big toe joint. It is worth keeping in mind that a bunion (hallux valgus) results from a structural change in the position of the big toe, and a bunion corrector can only modify this position. Still, it cannot rectify changes of position that have already occurred.

In a clinic environment we suggest a bunion corrector for pain relief mainly after activity or to help with night pain.

Best Bunion Corrector?

The best bunion corrector has an adjustable strap on the forefoot and the big toe to control the medial glide of the greater hallux.

We have seen and used a lot of bunion correctors in our clinics throughout the years, and we know it can be a minefield, so we have decided to share our two most recommended bunion correctors.

Caretras Bunion Corrector

The Caretras bunion corrector is an excellent source of pain relief from bunion pain as the simple velcro straps allow you to put it on or take it off quickly.

The Caretras is a fixed-length strap for medially gliding the big toe. Hence, it is effective for mild to moderate symptoms of bunion pain and sufficiently takes the 1st toe away from the 2nd to reduce friction and discomfort.

It is comfortable and can be used inside a shoe during the day.

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Bauerfeind ValguLoc II Bunion Corrector

The Bauerfeind Valgusloc is the most effective bunion corrector for pain relief. It is slightly cumbersome, making it challenging to use functionally, but otherwise, it works exceptionally.

As well as having straps along the side to hold the big toe in a more optimal position, it has a hinge joint that allows you to limit how much flexion or extension is available to the big toe. The hinge is especially helpful for those with arthritis and a bunion.

The Bauerfeind Valguloc is a Bunion Correct that we recommend for moderate to severe bunions, and it is very effective as part of post-operative bunion surgery rehabilitation.

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