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Last updated: 04/12/2022


by James McCormack

A bunion is a condition that affects the big toe joint of one or both feet. As a bunion progressively worsens, it can overlap your other toes, leading to friction, blistering and discomfort. Sometimes, people are born with a bunion that worsens over time. Others slowly develop a bunion from mechanical factors such as gait issues or fractures.

Bunion socks can be helpful as they act as a layer of cushioning between your big toe and the surrounding toes to make walking more comfortable and reduce the risk of blistering.

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Best Bunion Socks

The best bunion socks should have a separate compartment for the big toe to reduce friction with an element of compression to limit swelling in the foot and ankle.

Below, we have selected the two types of Bunion Socks that we recommend to our patients.

Woman’s Bunion Sock

We recommend the Sockwell bunion sock for women with bunions that overlap their other toes. They have separate compartments with gel cushioning between the toes, which acts as an effective method of pain relief.

These are compression socks, so they are a tight fit, but the benefit is that they help to control swelling.

They are 1/3 Merino wool and seamless to reduce the risk of any blistering.

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Best Bunion Sock for Men

We recommend the Orthosleeve bunion sock for men who are experiencing bunion pain. They have a patent split toe design that reduces the friction between toes, leading to blistering.

A bunion gel pad is outside the sock to prevent friction between your shoe and your big toe.

As a result of the gel padding, they are thin sock which enables you to wear them in any shoe.

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Physiotherapy with James McCormack

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