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Last updated: 03/12/2022


by James McCormack

How long do Shin Splints last?

For Shin Splints to heal, you need to stop the impact activities that cause the pain. It is essential to address the cause so that your symptoms don’t return when you begin impact activity again. Once you do this, it takes 3-4 weeks for mild Shin Splints to heal and up to 3 months for severe cases of Shin Splints to heal.

Are Shin Splints serious?

Shin Splints are not serious. They are an irritation of the periosteum of the tibia. Still, if you continue to exercise with Shin Splints, they can progress into a stress fracture, so appropriate management and treatment are recommended.

Do Shin Splints show up on an x-ray?

An x-ray may be used to rule out other conditions such as a stress fracture, but it is not a scan that can diagnose Shin Splints. An MRI is the gold standard form of scan for Shin Splints.

Does being overweight cause Shin Splints?

A study by Winkelmann et al,. 2016. concluded that obesity is a risk factor for Shin Splints and, therefore, obesity can cause Shin Splints.

Why are Shin Splints worse at night?

Shin Splints are worse at night. A build-up of irritation during the day becomes more noticeable, with some patients describing a throbbing sensation, even at rest. Try applying some ice and taking ibuprofen to settle your nighttime shin splints.

Can you do Yoga with Shin Splints?

You can do Yoga with Shin Splints as it is a non-impact form of exercise and will not aggravate your symptoms. Consider taking extra time to stretch the Tibialis Anterior Muscle and the Calf muscle as part of your routine.

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How should I sleep with Shin Splints?

If you sleep on your side, you should try placing a pillow between your knees and shins, so there is no direct pressure on your shin bones. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees and if you sleep on your front, place a pillow under your ankles.

Does soaking in Epsom salt help Shin Splints?

There is no evidence to suggest that Epsom salt helps Shin Splints. However, anecdotally Epsom Salts in a hot bath can provide short-term pain relief from Shin Splints.

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