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Best Walking Boot

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Last updated: 14/05/2023


by James McCormack

James McCormack
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Walking boots are used as an alternative method to plaster casts for the management of foot and ankle fractures. In severe sprains of the lower limb, they are also used to help stabilise the joint to provide an optimal environment for recovery. Another common use of a walking boot is after an ankle dislocation. 

A walking boot can be used after various surgeries, such as an Achilles Tendon Repair, alongside some heel raises inside the boot. Fractures of the foot often require a walking shoe rather than the more obtrusive walking boot. It is essential to buy a supportive and cushioned walking boot as if it is insufficient, it can delay healing times or stop injuries from healing. 

Our recommendations will explain how to use each walking boot and the benefits of different brands. We also have an article on how to transition from a walking boot to a normal shoe

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Best Walking Boot

The best type of walking boots have a rocker sole, air pump cushioning and a semi-rigid shell.

The rocker sole creates a curve on the underside of the walker boot to promote a normal gait and push-off phase when walking. 

The air pump helps to reduce swelling and absorb the impact of walking.

The semi-rigid shell helps to allow some movement while protecting the injured area. 

Aircast Airselect Walking Boot

We recommend the Aircast Airselect walking boot due to its rocker sole, air-bladder cushioning and skid-resistant sole.

The rocker sole is a curved sole on the boot designed to facilitate a normal walking gait.

The air pump creates a tight air cushioning around the ankle and foot to absorb impact and control swelling.

We recommend the Aircast Airselect to those with fractures to the foot and ankle.

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United Ortho 360 Air Walking Boot

We recommend the United Ortho 360 Air Walking boot due to its semi-rigid shell, medial and lateral air bladders and rocker sole.

The semi-right shell makes this a more lightweight option. Alongside the air cushioning, it can provide sufficient support to an injured foot or ankle with the ability to bias what part of the foot the cushioning is applied to.

We recommend the United Ortho 360 to those with ankle sprains and mild foot injuries.

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