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Shoes for Hammer Toes

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Posted 1 year ago


by James McCormack

James McCormack
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A Hammer Toe is a very common condition that affects our second toe, most often leading to the clawing of the toe and resulting corns on the top of the joint from excess pressure. Utilising the best shoes for Hammer Toes is extremely important for prevention, pain reduction and improving comfort. As foot specialists, we see patients with Hammer Toes in our clinics regularly, and we want to use this article to provide you with the best shoes for Hammer Toes. 

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Best Shoes for Hammer Toes

The best shoes for Hammer Toes should have a wide toe box, low heel drop and cushioned sole.

The wide toe box prevents compression and clawing of the toes, which is a primary cause of hammer toes, while the low heel drop refers to the height of the shoe from the back to the front. A low heel drop reduces the force applied to the forefoot in standing, while a cushioned sole helps absorb impact and vibration when walking or running. 

We recommend the Hoka Gaviota 4 Shoe for Hammer Toes due to its plush cushioning, wide toe box and 5mm heel drop.

Hoka are naturally wide-fit trainers, but they can choose different lengths and widths to accommodate most foot shapes.

The plush cushioning is a highly absorbent form of under sole to protect your toes, and the 5mm heel drop is one of the lowest you will find with such significant cushioning.

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We recommend the New Balance 1080 V11 Shoes for Hammer Toes due to their wide fit, Fresh Foam midsole, and rocker forefoot.

New Balance comes in a variety of widths to prevent compression of the toes and has a soft upper mesh to reduce the friction of the top of a Hammer Toe.

The fresh Foam midsole is an ultra-soft cushioning to help with shock absorption, and the rocker sole assists with the push-off phase of walking and running, reducing the force on the toes.

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