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Calcaneus Fracture Advice

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Last updated: 10/09/2023


by James McCormack

Can you walk with a Calcaneus Fracture?

If a Calcaneus fracture is treated conservatively, you can walk on it when wearing a walker boot as pain allows. The rocker sole and aircast protection of a walker boot facilitate a typical walking pattern for short distances of 5-10 minutes, but you should stop walking if you experience pain.

How long does a broken heel take to heal?

It takes 6 weeks for a broken heel to heel if it is being managed conservatively. This is usually followed by 6 weeks of rehabilitation with a Physical Therapist to address mobility and strength deficits of the foot and ankle.

How hard is it to break your Calcaneus?

It takes a lot of force to break your calcaneus bone, with the most common causes of calcaneus fracture being a fall from a height or a car crash. However, Calcaneus stress fractures are possible through repetitive strain to the bone from activities such as running.

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Can I exercise with a Calcaneus Fracture?

In the first 6 weeks of a Calcaneus Fracture, you will wear a walker boot, so your exercise options are minimal. You can do some weighted machine exercises for your upper body and some core exercises on your back where your heel doesn’t touch the floor.

Should you elevate a broken foot while sleeping?

We recommend elevating a broken foot as often as possible, including sleeping. To make yourself comfortable, you can place pillows under your knees and feet while trying to keep your heel elevated above your heart for maximum effect on swelling reduction.

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Can you ride a bike with a fractured heel?

You cannot ride a bike for the first 4-6 weeks after a fractured heel. Still, once the boot is removed, you can discuss returning to static cycling and low resistance with your Physical Therapist as it assists with swelling reduction and increases the strength in your leg.

Can you swim with a broken heel?

Swimming is one of the first activities you can return to after a broken heel, as no impact is involved. Returning to swimming usually takes 4-6 weeks in a walker boot.

When can you return to running after a Calcaneus fracture?

If you have a Calcaneus fracture or broken heel, you can typically return to running after 12 weeks. The initial 4-6 weeks are spent in a walker boot, while the next 6 weeks are spent building up your strength and mobility with a Physical Therapist before returning to running.

Choosing cushioned footwear before returning to run is crucial as it helps to absorb the impact on heel strike.

This is not medical advice. We recommend a consultation with a medical professional such as James McCormack. He offers Online Physiotherapy Appointments for £45.

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