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Bunion Boot

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Last updated: 21/10/2023


by James McCormack

James McCormack
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A bunion boot is a form of walker boot that is used after having bunion surgery. Some people may use a bunion boot if they have a very irritable bunion as part of a conservative treatment to reduce inflammation and pain levels within the bunion for 2-4 weeks before recommencing Physical Therapy.

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Best Bunion Boot

The best bunion boot has a dorsiflexion angle on the heel, an open toe box and at least two adjustable straps. The dorsiflexion angles helps by pointing the forefoot upwards, keeping your bodyweight on your heel as you walk.  The open toe box allows space for swollen toes and medical grade straps accommodate strapping.

BraceAbility Bunion Boot

We recommend the Braceability bunion boot as it has a 15 dorsiflexion angle to keep your weight on your heel. There are medical-grade straps to safely and securely hold a bandaged foot in position.

There is a soft foam sole for comfort and an open toe box so the post-surgical toe doesn’t get compressed.

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Vive Bunion Boot

The Vive Bunion Boot comes with a dorsiflexion angle on the heel, adjustable medical grade straps, and a set of straps to facilitate excess swelling or bandages.

The Vive Bunion boot comes with an open toe box, foam padding underfoot and a rubber sole to provide additional traction underfoot.

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