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Best Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

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Last updated: 17/02/2023


by James McCormack

Accessory Navicular syndrome is a condition that affects a small proportion of the general population, but for those who have it, it can be painful to walk and stand. Risk factors for accessory navicular syndrome are a flat foot or poor foot control. Exercises and appropriate footwear are two of the most effective forms of treatment for Accessory Navicular Syndrome. In this article, we will share the best shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome based on our clinic experiences with patients.

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Best Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

The Best Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome are stability shoes with a moderate medial arch height and responsive cushioning. A stability shoe has a medial posting that helps to control excess pronation moments that can place excess pressure on the medial arch of the foot. In contrast, the moderate medial arch height helps by providing additional support under the accessory navicular. Finally, the responsive cushioning protects the navicular from excess impact.

Best Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

We recommend the Sketchers Arch Fit for Accessory Navicular Syndrome due to the cushioned sole, insole support and knit mesh fabric.

The cushioned sole along with the medial arch support of the insole helps to cushion the accessory navicular while reducing the strain on the medial arch of the foot.

The mesh fabric facilitated a flatter foot without the friction of a more rigid fabric.

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Best Running Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

We recommend the Saucony Guide 15 for accessory Navicular syndrome due to its lightweight cushioned sole with a soft sock liner and medial arch support.

The lightweight cushioning protects the medial arch from the vibration of impact when running with medial arch support to help control pronation forces.

The sock liner reduces friction and provides comfort to any shaped foot.

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Best Trail Running Shoes for Accessory Navicular Syndrome

We recommend the Soloman Xt-6 for trail running with Accessory Navicular Syndrome due to their EVA cushioning, energy cell midsole and Ortholite sock liner.

The EVA cushioning is the material we use to create custom insoles as it is light and durable, tolerating the impact of running without collapsing while the energy cell midsole reduces the pressure of the medial arch of the foot.

The unique Ortholite sock liner provides additional cushioning to the arch of the foot.

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