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Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

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Last updated: 17/02/2023


by James McCormack

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Achilles Tendonitis is one of the most common running injuries to the foot and ankle. Achilles Tendonitis affects the back of the ankle either in the midportion of the Achilles Tendon or on the insertion to the heel pain. In mild cases, Achilles Tendonitis may be sore at the beginning of a run and ease as the run progresses, or in chronic patients, symptoms may progressively worsen with symptoms. If the Achilles Tendon is overloaded from a run, pain is typically worse the following morning. The right pair of running shoes can make a significant difference in managing Achilles Tendonitis by reducing pain levels, increasing running capacity and helping with overall rehabilitation.

Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

The best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis have a stack of 10mm or more, a deep heel cup and a rigid midsole. The stack height in a trainer refers to the difference in height from the back of the trainer to the front of it. Numerous studies indicate the benefits of a heal raise of Achilles Tendonitis, especially insertional Achilles Tendonitis, for pain relief. Hence, the higher the stack height is in a running shoe, the better.

A running shoe’s deep heel cup helps control the subtalar joint, and alongside a rigid midsole, they help to control pronation forces, contributing to Achilles Tendonitis pain relief.

We have recommended three different types of running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis that we suggest to our patients regularly.

Brooks Adrenaline – Stability Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

  • The Adrenaline is a stability shoe built for road running.
  • It has a 12mm stack drop which reduces tendon on the Achilles Tendon
  • Rubber sole for shock absorption and moderate level cushioning

We recommend this type of trainer for those who need moderate levels of stability and have mild symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis

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Brooks Ghost 14 – Neutral Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis 

  • The Brooks Ghost is a neutral running shoe that is good for long-distance running and serves well for gym work.
  • It has a 12mm drop which shortens the Achilles Tendon

We recommend this trainer for longer distance runners with mild to moderate Achilles Tendonitis symptoms.

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Asics Gel Kayano – Stability Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

  • The Gel Kayano is Asics maximum stability shoe for road Running
  • It has a 13mm drop to reduce tension on the Achilles Tendon
  • Its deep heel cup and rigid midsole help to control pronation moments

We recommend this trainer for those with moderate to severe Achilles Tendonitis as it offers maximum stack height and a lot of foot control to provide Achilles Tendon Pain Relief.

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