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Anterior Ankle Impingement Advice

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Last updated: 03/12/2022


by James McCormack

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How long does Anterior Ankle Impingement take to heal?

On average, an Anterior Ankle Impingement takes 4-6 weeks to improve. In stubborn cases that require surgery, it takes 3 months to recover. Getting treatment from a Physical therapist to take you through a guided rehabilitation protocol of mobility, strengthening and flexibility exercises is essential.

Should you Ice Anterior Ankle Impingement?

Ice is an excellent analgesic, and as an Anterior Ankle Impingement is a superficial injury, it is easy to numb the area with ice. We recommend 10-15 minutes of application until the area is numb and to do this 3-4 times daily for pain relief. 


Best Ankle Brace for Anterior Ankle Impingement

The best ankle brace for Anterior Ankle Impingement should provide stability on the lateral and medial aspects of the ankle to reduce the amount of movement in the ankle joint. We recommend the Aircast Air60 ankle brace for Anterior Ankle Impingement.

Can Shoes cause Anterior Ankle Impingement?

Poorly fitted or worn-out footwear can facilitate excess movement of the foot, which could cause an Anterior Ankle Impingement. We recommend a stable shoe with a semi-rigid midsole and a heel to reduce the risk of Anterior Ankle Impingement.

Can Cycling cause Anterior Ankle Impingement?

As a nonimpact form of exercise that is linear in motion, cycling is highly unlikely to cause Anterior Ankle Impingement. If you are experiencing Anterior Ankle Impingement when cycling consider increasing the height of your saddle to decrease the dorsiflexion angle of the ankle. Pointing the foot down and the bottom of the pedal stroke can also help to reduce any discomfort on the front of your ankle.

Can I Walk with Anterior Ankle Impingement?

You can walk with Anterior Ankle Impingement if it is pain-free. We recommend walking on flat, even surfaces, and if you need to walk on never surfaces, try to wear a stability trainer or place a heel raise into your shoe, which helps by opening up the front of the ankle, reducing the risk of impingement.


Can I Run with Anterior Ankle Impingement?

Anterior Ankle Impingement is primarily an inflammatory issue, and if you continue to aggravate it, it is unlikely to heal. If you have pain during or increases within 24 hours of a run, we recommend not running. We recommend a stability trainer with a high heel drop of at least 10mm if you decide to run with Anterior Ankle Impingement.

Physiotherapy with James McCormack

This is not medical advice. We recommend a consultation with a medical professional such as James McCormack. He offers Online Physiotherapy Appointments for £45.

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