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Skechers For Flat Feet

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Posted 3 months ago


by James McCormack

A flat foot is a foot with a low medial arch. The medial arch runs along the inside of your foot from your big toe to your heel. Flat feet can be something that you are born with, or they can develop related to an injury, muscle weakness or poor footwear. This is called adult-acquired flat feet. If you get foot pain from flat feet, an essential part of managing and reducing this pain can be finding the correct, supportive footwear for you. 

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Best Skechers For Flat Feet

The best Skechers shoes for flat feet should have the Skechers podiatrist-certified Arch Fit® design and good cushioning. More support comes from the Skechers GOwalk range. We review our two recommendations for those with flat feet who need low to moderate support and those in need of moderate to high support. 

Low to Moderate Support for Flat Feet

We recommend the Skechers Arch Fit as the best shoe for flat feet that need low to moderate support. 

They offer the Skechers podiatrist certified Arch Fit® technology for medial arch support and to reduce over-pronation.

These shoes offer good cushioning to absorb the impact of walking and disperses weight evenly to reduce pain from standing.

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Moderate to High Support for Flat Feet

The Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit, are our recommended shoes for flat feet that need moderate to high support.

The Skechers podiatrist certified Arch Fit® is a podiatrist-certified insole system offering very good arch support to prevent over-pronation. And has additional support from the Comfort Pillars®.

These shoes also provide cushioning to absorb the impact of walking and to distribute weight more evenly when standing.

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Physiotherapy with James McCormack

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