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Nike Shoes For Flat Feet

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Posted 3 months ago


by James McCormack

Flat feet are feet that have a low arch along the medial border of the foot. Some feet naturally develop like this from childhood into adolescents, however, some feet develop this way due to poor muscle strength, incorrect footwear or injuries to the foot and ankle. Flat feet can therefore be non-problematic, or they can be a source of discomfort and pain when walking, running or standing for prolonged periods. Correct, supportive footwear such as the Nike shoes that we recommend below, can support the natural function and biomechanics of the foot and reduce the pain that can be experienced with flat feet. 

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Best Nike Shoes for Flat Feet

The best Nike shoes for flat feet offer good support for the medial arch, cushioning at the heel and through the transition between heel-to-toe, and have a secure fit around the heel. With our experience of treating many patients with pain relating to flat feet, we recommend that the two best Nike shoes for flat feet are the Nike React Infinity 3, for moderate to low support, and the Nike Structure 24, for moderate to high support. You can read our review of each shoe below. 

Low to Moderate Support for Flat Feet

We recommend the Nike React Infinity 3 shoe for flat feet that need low to moderate support. 

This is a soft and supportive shoe, designed to feel stable and to have a smooth transition between heel-to-toe. It has the Nike Flywire technology to support the midfoot and prevent overpronation.

The sole has a wider base to provide more stability over varied terrain.

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Moderate to High Support for Flat Feet

We recommend the Nike Structure 24 as the best Nike shoe for flat feet that need moderate to high support. 

This shoe is designed for runners who overpronate. They have been designed from data from hundreds of runners to correctly position the cushioned landing pad and to provide the correct level of cushioning for the heel-to-toe transition.

The heel is moulded for a more secure fit and the under sole is designed with vertical grooves to provide extra stability and durable rubber for milage without wear.

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