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Fractured Patella Knee Brace

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Posted 2 years ago


Last updated: 11/09/2023


by James McCormack

James McCormack
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A patella fracture is a common injury following trauma to the front of the knee. There is a nearly even distribution of incidence between men and women, with 56% of cases in women and 44% in men (Larsen et al., 2016). Most cases are related to a fall directly on the knee cap or a road traffic incident if the knee hits the dashboard.

If the fracture is simple, the bone remains united and the individual is in good health, it may be possible to treat it conservatively without surgery. In these cases, or following surgery if necessary, the knee must be immobilised entirely to aid healing. Therefore, a Fracture Patella Knee brace and crutches will be necessary for some time. Often, recovery can be 6-8 weeks, but it is not uncommon to take longer if the fracture is complex or the individual is in poor health.

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Best Fracture Patella Knee Brace

Knee Immobilizer for Fractured Patella

We recommend the United Orhto Fractured Patella knee brace, a full-length, complete knee immobilizer. The long length of the knee brace is vital to help to keep the knee still. Shorter braces, while more comfortable and less cumbersome, will still allow some movement and are not recommended.

This brace is recommended to be worn with an undersleeve for better comfort and to prevent any rubbing and irritation of the skin.

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Orthomen Functional Knee Brace for Fractured Patella

This knee brace has a hinged design that can be set to full extension for the period of complete immobilization.

It is then possible to increase the range of movement incrementally once the initial phase has been completed and there has been satisfactory healing. 

The open design can be more comfortable, especially in warmer temperatures. It is recommended to be worn with an undersleeve for comfort.

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Knee Brace Under-sleeve

This cotton under-sleeve can make these long braces more comfortable by preventing rubbing and irritation of the skin. We recommend using a sleeve like this under a brace.

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Elbow Crutches

With the immobilization of the knee, it will be necessary to use crutches. This will also ensure non-weight bearing to aid healing.

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Physiotherapy with James McCormack

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