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Fat Pad Atrophy Shoes, Inserts & Running Shoes: 2023

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Posted 2 years ago


Last updated: 21/10/2023


by James McCormack

James McCormack
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Best Shoe Inserts for Fat Pad Atrophy

The best shoe inserts for Fat Pad Atrophy have a moderate arch height and a cushioned forefoot with a gel sole. Shoe inserts help to absorb the shock and vibration from impact with the ground when walking and they add extra cushioning to the forefoot, which is lost from Fat Pad Atrophy.

Picture of Dr Scholl's Fat Pad Atrophy Inserts

We recommend Dr Scholls Inserts for Fat Pad Atrophy as their gel cushioning provides additional comfort and protection to the forefoot to allow longer periods of time on your feet before the onset of pain.

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Best Shoes for Fat Pad Atrophy

The best shoes for Fat Pad Atrophy should have stability within the midsole and a cushioned forefoot with minimal stack height.

We recommend the Sketchers GoWalk shoe due to the cushioned and comfortable sole that protects the metatarsal heads from pain when walking.

A flexible toe box reduces the rotary force placed on the Fat Pad.

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Best Running Shoes For Fat Pad Atrophy

The best running shoes for Fat Pad Atrophy should have a cushioned sole and a minimal drop height with a stable midsole.

We recommend the Hoka One Ahari for Fat Pad Atrophy as they have a thick, cushioned but stable sole.

There is a 5mm drop to reduce the speed and force placed through the forefoot.

We have found these can increase the distance you run before any discomfort and they work well for walking, too!

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Best Sleeve and Socks for Fat Pad Atrophy

The best socks for Fat Pad Atrophy should be at least 0.1 inch in thickness to provide adequate cushioning to the forefoot

Picture of Socks For Fat Pad Atrophy

The ZenToes sleeve sock for Fat Pad Atrophy provides adequate cushioning for pain relief. They can wear down quickly, but when new, they work well.

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