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Boot For Sprained Ankle

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Last updated: 10/07/2023


by James McCormack

James McCormack
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Best Boot for a Sprained Ankle

The best boot for a sprained ankle should cover the entire foot, ankle, and lower shin. It should have a rocker sole to make it easy to walk short distances, and there should be an adjustment that allows you to pump air around the foot inside the boot to reduce swelling and absorb the vibration from the ground when walking so it does not irritate the joint.

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How long to wear a walking boot for a sprained ankle?

In most instances, wearing a walker boot for at least 2 weeks is recommended for an ankle sprain. Depending on the severity of the ankle sprain, it may be necessary to wear it for up to 6 weeks.


This allows inflammation and irritation within the torn ligaments time to heal optimally while allowing you to walk short distances.


Can you walk on a sprained ankle in a boot?

Yes, a walking boot for a sprained ankle typically has a rocker on the sole of the boot to facilitate walking on a sprained ankle.


Walks should be short and as pain allows. They are not designed for long walks but to facilitate movement while allowing the ligaments to heal.

United Ortho Short Walker Boot for Sprained Ankle

  • Rocker Sole to encourage a natural gait
  • Rigid Upright to protect the ankle joint
  • Air Pump for added comfort and to reduce swelling
  • Shock Absorbing Insole
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Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot For Sprained Ankle

We recommend the Aircast Airselect Walking boot due to their:

  • Rocker sole with soft strike sole to reduce vibration
  • Long semi-rigid shell to protect the entire lower limb
  • Overlapping Duplex air cells line the shell providing intermittent pneumatic compression for 3-times faster oedema reduction
  • Designed with a sleek, open frame that provides ventilation
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Do you need a boot for a sprained ankle?

In elite sports, athletes spend time in a boot initially, regardless of the severity of their ankle sprain. We recommend wearing a boot for a sprained ankle for high-grade 2 and grade 3 ankle sprains.

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