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Best Running Shoes for Tailor’s Bunion

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Last updated: 14/11/2023


by James McCormack

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Tailor’s Bunion is a painful condition that affects the 5th metatarsal as it begins to deviate in position due to biomechanical movements of the foot. Depending on your foot type, changing your running shoes can significantly affect your Tailor’s Bunion pain and reduce the speed of change within the joint.

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Best Running Shoes for Tailor’s Bunion

The best Running Shoes for Tailor’s Bunions have a wide toe box, midsole support and responsive cushioning. The wide toe box is imperative as it prevents compression of the toes, and narrow shoes can aggravate a Tailor’s Bunion. Responsive cushioning and midsole support help control the foot’s motion through the gait cycle so that the outer foot isn’t overloaded.

We see patients with Tailor’s Bunions frequently in our clinics, and below we have created a list of our recommended Running Shoes for Tailor’s Bunions.

Best Running Shoes for Tailor’s Bunion: High Feet

We recommend the Hoka Bondi 8 for those who have a Tailor’s Bunion and high arch height due to their plush cushioning, neutral sole and 4mm heel drop.

The plush cushioning allows your feet to sink into the sole like you’re walking on a cloud without compromising the gait cycle. The neutral sole helps to maintain a good foot position.

The 4mm heel drop maintains an even distribution of force across the feet and the extra wide fit toe box is essential for those with Tailor’s Bunions.

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Best Running Shoes for Tailor’s Bunion: Moderate Arch Height

We recommend the New Balance X860 for Tailor’s Bunions due to their wide-fitting toe box, which helps by allowing adequate space for a Tailor’s Bunion without compressing the surrounding toes.

The X860 is a lightweight shoe with foam sole cushioning to protect the forefoot from the impact that irritates Tailor’s Bunions while having a medial posting to reduce and control any excess pronation moments that can cause bunions.

We recommend the New Balance X860 for mild to moderate symptoms of a Tailor’s Bunion.

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Best Running Shoes for Tailor’s Bunion: Flat Feet

The Hoka Arahi 6 are our favourite running shoes for a Tailor’s bunions due to their ultra cushion sole that comes in varying widths to protect the forefoot from impact and allow sufficient toe box space. If you have an exceptionally wide foot, you can contact Hoka directly for them to provide an extra wide shoe.

The Hoka Arahi 6 has a responsive cushion to help with propulsion and a 4mm heel drop which slows down the speed of weight transfer onto the forefoot from heel strike while also reducing forefoot pressure when standing compared to a high heel drop trainer.

We recommend the Hoka Arahi 6 for all forms of Tailor’s Bunions but especially for severe pain.

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