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Best Asics for Flat Feet

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Posted 8 months ago


Last updated: 11/06/2023


by James McCormack

Flat feet are feet with a low medial arch height. You can be born with Flat Feet, while others can slowly develop flat feet over time from muscle weakening and poorly supported footwear. When flat feet develop slowly over time, it is referred to as adult-acquired flat feet, and this can also occur from trauma or injury to the foot. Having the correct footwear is an integral aspect of managing pain from flat feet, and this article provides the best Asics Shoes for flat feet.

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Best Asics Shoes for Flat Feet

The Best Asics Running Shoes for flat feet should have a deep heel cup, medial arch support and stable cushioning. The Asics GT-1000 and the Asics Gel Kayano are, in our experience the best Asics Shoes for flat feet.

Low to moderate support for Flat Feet

We recommend the Asics GT-2000 11 if you have moderate to low arch height.

Their 8mm heel drop reduces tension on the Plantar Fascia while providing moderate support under the medial arch of the foot to help control pronation forces.

The Flytefoam technology of the Asics GT-2000 provides a cushioned and responsive sensation when walking and running.

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Moderate to high levels of support for Flat Feet

We recommend the Asics Gel-Kayano 29 if you have a low arch height or completely flat feet.

The external heel counter helps provide medial posting to resist excess foot pronation. In doing so, it helps to control the foot when walking and shorten the Plantar Fascia when standing, which is important as it reduces the risk of it becoming painful.

The Asics Gel Kayano 29 has new FF Blast Plus Technology to provide additional cushioning all day without the additional weight that we see in most stability shoes.

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