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Best Hoka Shoes for Hallux Rigidus

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Posted 3 months ago


by James McCormack

Hallux Rigidus is a condition affecting the big toe, also known as big toe arthritis. This can be present from birth but more commonly develops with wear and tear of the joint as we age. It is a very common condition, and symptoms include stiffness in the big toe to flex or extend, and the toe can be painful and sometimes swollen.

In some cases, it causes a change in the shape of the foot as the toe deviates from its straight position and turns outwards towards the other toes. This can make walking and running difficult or painful. Hoka shoes can significantly improve symptoms and comfort and make walking and running much more enjoyable. 

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Best Hoka Shoes for Flat Feet

The best Hoka shoes for Hallux Rigidus have a low heel drop to ensure less force through the forefoot, plush cushioning and either a rocker sole or a stiff sole, such as shoes with a carbon plate. In our experience, the best shoes that Hoka has to offer are the Bondi 8 and the Carbon X 3. We have reviewed both shoes below. 

Best Hoka Shoe for Mild to Moderate Hallux Rigidus

We recommend the Hoka Bondi 8 as a great shoe for mild to moderate Hallux Rigidus.

The Hoka Bondi 8 is a neutral shoe with plush cushioning and a very low heel-to-toe drop of only 4mm.

The shoe has been designed with zonal rubber placement along the sole to disperse weight evenly across the foot.

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Best Hoka Shoe for Moderate to Severe Hallux Rigidus

We recommend the Hoka Carbon X 3 for moderate to severe Hallux Rigidus.

The Hoka Carbon X 3 is a responsive shoe with a carbon plate, designed for faster pace sessions and racing. The carbon plate has the benefit of providing a stiff sole ensuring minimal movement through the toe joint.

This is a neutral shoe with a low heel-to-toe drop of 5mm and still has the optimal cushioning that Hoka is renowned for.

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