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Nike for Hallux Rigidus

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Posted 2 months ago


by James McCormack

If you have a stiff and painful big toe, you might have Hallux Rigidus. It is a common condition that can affect us at any age. Often the toe will feel stiff and forcing it in beyond this range may be painful. The joint can therefore get irritated by the movement needed from walking and running, and may appear red and swollen. Wearing the correct and well-fitting shoes can reduce the pain and discomfort from Hallux Rigidus. 

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Best Nike Shoes for Hallux Rigidus

The best Nike shoes for Hallux Rigidus will have thick, plush cushioning, a roomy toe box and some rigidity or rocker to the sole. Having a low heel-to-toe drop is also helpful in reducing the pressure on the forefoot. With our experience, we recommend the best shoes for Hallux Rigidus are the Nike React Infinity 3 for mild symptoms, the Nike Invincible 3 for moderate symptoms, and the Nike Alphafly 2 for severe symptoms. 

Best Nike Shoe for Mild Hallux Rigidus

We recommend the Nike React Infinity 3 as the best shoes for mild Hallux Rigidus. 

The Nike React Infinity 3 is designed with a rocker sole to aid smooth heel-to-toe transitions, reducing the pressure through the big toe joint.

It has good cushioning to reduce the impact of landing, and a low heel-to-toe drop keeping the load off the forefoot and big toe.

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Best Nike Shoe for Moderate Hallux Rigidus

We recommend the Nike Invincible 3 as the best shoes for moderate Hallux Rigidus.

The Nike Invincible 3 is a more cushioned shoe with stability built in. This prevents the foot from rolling too far in and loading up the big toe.

The cushioning is thick with a rocker shape to help with smooth heel-to-toe transitions and keeps the load off the forefoot and big toe.

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Best Nike Shoe for Severe Hallux Rigidus

We recommend the Nike Alphafly 2 as the best shoe for severe Hallux Rigidus. 

The Nike Alphafly 2 is a running shoe designed for speed, as such, it has a full-length carbon plate. This is a great benefit for Hallux Rigidus as it provides a stiff sole and restricts the extension of the big toe.

The shoe also has plush ZoomX foam throughout the sole providing great cushioning with a responsive feel.

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